I’m pleased to greet you at the website of my monobreed cattery North Cape*Ru.

Why Norwegian Forest Cats? Simply because I love Norway and forest and cats! Thanks to my pets Norway is not only in my heart, but also in my home :-). My cattery is named NorthCape - it's the northernmost point of Norway and one of its symbols.

My cattery is registered in two leading international organizations: FIFe (Federation Internationale Feline) and WCF (World Cat Federation).

I am sure that visiting this website will be interesting and pleasant for you. I hope you’ll have a good time!

Irina Volkova.

Our cats

Our cattery animals maintain the best European lines of Norwegian Forest cats. The breeders are selected by the criteria of health, best conformance to standards, smooth, friendly character, pedigree including Champions of the World, Europe or Scandinavia.



Kittens don’t leave their mother before 3-4 months. At the time of selling the kitten is trained, has an implanted chip, is completely vaccinated (vaccination and revaccination), and has got both pet passport and pedigree certificate.

  • Available kittens

    Here you can find a kitten for you, as well as studs and queens which participated in cattery’s breeding program and now are ready to get them a new home.

  • Litter

    This section contains the list and the description of all our litters (having been certified, ready to move or already having moved to new homes).

  • Plans

    In 2017 we’re expecting kittens with classical marking (with and without white colour). In Autumn we plan Silver and may be Amber. Please follow our News.

  • Terms of sale

    List of Breeder’s obligations and requirements for future owners.

  • Kittens education

    Advises on keeping, education and feeding.

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Cattery News

Keep track of our latest news!

Представляем: Эрланд, Эмили, Эстер. 12.04.2024

Открыт для бронирования помет амбер-линии "E-IV North Cape* RU".

Принимаем поздравления (N2)30.03.2024

На шоу  FIFe   прошедшем в выходные прекрасный  Arvid-III North Cape*RU стал лучшим котом выставки первого дня (BOB-I).
Высокая оценка нашей совместной программы разведения с питомником "Foxes's Noses" Веры Васильевой.

Амбер-программа: невероятное везение! 29.03.2024

 Нам невероятно повезло! Не одному, а двум котятам досталось по два амбер гена! 
Под красным окрасом наличие двух генов можно увидеть только при генетической тестировании. Этот парень остаётся в СПб и будет участвовать в разведении. 

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